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Hostgator is one of the best web-hosting services in 2021. I came across this service when I was doing my research about Bluehost and Hostinger. Any beginner looking to start a website or a Blog should consider checking out what Hostgator has to offer because their offers are very affordable for any beginner with a tight budget.

Their lowest rate for web-hosting starts from $2.75 .On top of that, Hostgator gives its users a platform to sign up for their affiliate program. If your sign up with Hostgator Affiliate Program you get a commission of $65 for every sign up.

Why you should sign up with Hostgator if you are beginner

  1. It is cheap to host your website with Hostgator.
  2. They have an affiliate program if you are looking to earn extra cash on the side.
  3. Hostgator give you access to several services for your entire Web hosting needs.
  4. Free Domain for your first year of domain registration with Hostgator
  5. Get free site transfers
  6. Free SSL Certificate
  7. Unmetered bandwidth. This means that Hostgator can handle any amount of traffic you bring to your website
  8. Easy app integration
  9. The best ability is, availability -Hostgator makes sure your site stays up and running
  10. Great support team available to you whenever you need assistance
  11. Already have a domain? You need not worry. You can transfer it to Hostgator.

How to start your Blog with Hostgator

  1. Register your preferred Domain
  2. Select a plan that fits your budget
  3. Connect your registered Domain and Hosting
  4. Then proceed to setup your Blog on Hostgator

To set up your Blog on Hostgator

You will receive an email from Hostgator with your login Information. Follow the link provided to setup your Blog.

  1. Click on Control Panel on Hostgator, scroll until you see Software/Services.
  2. Click on Quick Install
  3. On your left side click on WordPress
  4. Click the continue prompt that you will see
  5. Click on the domain that you wish to install WordPress on.
  6. Enter your Admin Email, The title of your Blog, Your first and last name
  7. After that click on Install now and be sure to save your Login details for future use and link to your admin area as well.

Now that your Blog Website is ready,write and publish your content. Happy Blogging!

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