Tips to Get Free Traffic to your Website (A guide for Beginners)

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Today we will look at Eight tips to Get Free Traffic to your Website.Yesterday I covered this topic on how to get free traffic from Google to help you grow your new blog by promoting it to get traffic at no cost at all. As a beginner when you are trying to grow your blog and you do not have tips on how to, it can get frustrating because you are not seeing any results. Do not worry though; I am here to help you achieve your new blog’s traffic goals! Keep reading to the end to find out how I getting traffic to my Blog in 2021!

What are my greatest Tips That I use to Get Free Traffic to My Blog?

Eight tips to Get Free Traffic to your Website!

W are going to look at Eight tips to Get Free Traffic to your Website that will help you grow free traffic in 2021!Follow to the end if you want to know my strategy. At the end of this article you will be fully equipped with great tips on how to get free traffic to your Blog Website.

  1. Content Syndication

What is content syndication? In very simple terms, content syndication is copying and pasting your content on different Websites on the Internet. Websites that are already getting high traffic!

Such websites can be like LinkedIn, Reddit,, and, Ezine Articles. Com and among others. These entire social media platforms get over a million visits monthly. This is a great way to promote your content or Blog Website. Simply create your spaces and start publishing your already written articles. LinkedIn allows you to write your own articles on their platform. Just signup with these Social Media platform and start getting your free traffic today!

Syndicate your content on different websites and you will start getting traffic to your Blog!

  • Social Media

Social Media has become very powerful in getting you the results you want. Most social Media platforms are free and do not require any dime from you to get started. Using your social media platforms to promote your content is a great way to get traffic. Spread your on links across all your social media platforms or pages and link them back to your Blog Website or YouTube channel or Business and so on.

You can use social media automation tools (for example buffer content studio) for multiple sites to make your work easier or simply just copy and paste to every social media platform you have. Use any way you know how to get traffic to your Blog! You can achieve just anything with the right mindset. There is nothing you cannot achieve if you set your mind to it.

  • QA Site Forums

Tip number is about QA forums. I am talking about forums like Thisis a forum where people ask and answer questions. Quora is one of the top website worldwide with over 100+ million visits per month. Answer questions on Quora related to your Blog’s niche and Link back to your Website This way you will not be spamming. Quora has strict rules about spamming. Just make sure you do not spam.

Quora allows you to create your own space where you can post your articles and all that. This is another way to promote your content. Just maximize on Quora the right way and get free traffic to your Blog Website.

  • Email Marketing

This is another topic I have covered in Blog about email marketing for new Blogs to grow your Blog’s audience. There are many free email-marketing tools you can use to create your email subscriber list. Create you email newsletter and start collecting those emails to grow your traffic. This is a very powerful way to get readers to your Blog Website. By sending personalized emails, you draw back audience to your Blog free. Some of these email-marketing tools are Mailchimp, Converkit, Sedinblue plus many more.

Send that campaign today to start collecting emails to grow your traffic. It is that simple.

  • Creating E-Books and Slideshows.

You can create an e-book on for free to promote your Blog Website. In your E-Book, you can include links to your Blog Articles or even to your affiliate programs and so on. Another tip is to create a slide show and share it on platforms like Slide to promote your articles. Slide gets over 120 million visits per month. This would be a great way to get traffic to your Blog.

You can also share your E-books and slideshows across your social media pages to advertise your Blog Website.

  • Push Notifications

Have you ever visited a website and got a pop-up reading, “This website (name of the Website) would like to send you notifications,” gives you an option to Block or allow? That pop-up is what we call a push notification.

You can use push notifications to get clicks to your website. Every time your audience clicks allow on your notification, they will be notified every time you post an article and this will help you get traffic to your Blog website. You can use a service like One, one of the best push notification services worldwide to create your push notifications for your Blog.

Another tip is Cross-linking your Websites for your multiple websites.Crosslinking means associating two pages on the same website, so that each page shows a link to the other page. Links between pages on the same site can always be added manually. However, modern websites are mostly programmed so that crosslinks can be added programmatically for increased flexibility and ease of site management.

Cross-linking will help link up all your Websites together so that everyone can find any of your websites in any of your websites they visit. I hope that made sense!

If you have a YouTube channel, you can use it to source traffic to your Blog. YouTube is a great way to get free traffic. This is one of the many reasons you tubers link so many links in the description box. Take advantage of YouTube channel or start one if you do not have to promote your Blog and get traffic.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Seo is a great way to get free organic traffic from search engines to your Blog. I spoke about this in-depth in my previous post. You can get more information on the same. As a beginner, you want to optimize your content to rank high on google or other search engines, so that you can get organic traffic. Use key words on your topics, incorporate On Page SEO and Off Page SEO and start getting your free organic traffic today!

  • Guest Posting

Finally yet importantly is guest posting. Guest Posting is posting (not spamming please) on other Blogs, so that you can reach other Blog Websites.This will attract these Blog Websites’ audience to your Blog Website. There are many websites, which allow guest posting like Social Media Examiner and you can use such platforms to get traffic to your Blog or create your Brand Awareness as well. It is not all about that simple click. Brand awareness is very important. You want the world to be aware about your Brand and to connect to your work. Use these platforms to promote your Brand alongside getting traffic.

You can search for other sites that allow guest posting on google, sign up with them and start posting your articles.

I believe this is very vital to getting free traffic to your blog.Follow these steps (Content Syndication, Social Media, QA Forum sites, Email Marketing, Creating E-books and Slide shows, Push Notification, SEO and Guest Posting) and you will notice results in your Blog traffic in the coming days.

Feel free to comment below and let us know how you are getting traffic to your Blog in 2021. We would love to learn from you as well!

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