Niche Selection for your Blog:A guide for any Beginner

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Niche Selection for Your Blog: A Guide for any Beginner

Starting your Blog Journey can be exciting and at the same time confusing. Confusing if you do not know where to begin and selecting your niche. What you need to know is that you have to select a trendy niche and people have lots of interest in. Your niche can be based on your reason for starting your blog. It can be based on starting a blog to make money or as a hobby. Your Niche selection can be categorized under Health, Wealth, Parenting, Making Money or Relationships or any other topic you would love. Think of your interest in the above either because of your passion, talent, skill or because of your interest.

Wealth Category

Under this category, your blog can based on Business Opportunity, Investing, Saving, Financial, Trading, Business, Education, Investment, Frugal Living among others.

Health Category

You blog can be about Diet, Skin Care, Weight Loss, Fitness, Yoga, Supplement Products, Healthy living, Foods or anything along these lines.


This can be about Dating, Relationship Care, Couples and Marriage, Love, Dealing with Break-ups and healing, Relationship Counselling and advice or anything to do with relationships based on your own experience.

Parenting Category

If you are a parent or a mum, you might be interested in starting a blog that talking about everything about parenting, motherhood, raising a toddler, Baby diets and weaning, transitioning into motherhood and dealing with postpartum depression, being a career parent. This is a very interesting category if you are passionate about parenting.

Making Money Category

Under this category you can write about ways to make money online or at home or any way way you best know how. You can teach people the tricks you use to make extra money on the side or sites that have platforms for making money online or from the comfort of your home.

You might also explore from the following Niche:

  • Weight Loss Niche
  • Online Income Niche
  • Software Niche
  • Online Course Niche
  • Online Business Niche.

Any other niche based on your interest or passion or in the subject domain you are an expert at, you may explore that since you will be having subject control and you can establish authority or personal branding in that domain among the community.

Blogging about what you are passionate about is fun and interesting. Every day you will find new ideas to write about. If you write because you love writing, you will never run out of ideas to blog about. It does not matter how many people out there are blogging about what you are blogging about. Your writing is unique to you because you are unique in your own way. Do not shy from exploring the ideas you have in mind. You will be surprised what your mind can do combined with your passion for sharing your thoughts.

Select your niche and start your blog today! Happy Blogging.

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