Making Money Blogging:Tips for New Bloggers!

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In my previous blog article I spoke about how to start your own Blog and mentioned some of the reasons for actually wanting to start a blog.For more information feel free to read my article on Starting you Own Blog:Step by Step Guide.

I mentioned various reasons why people start blogs,one of them being to make money from blogging. You can actually earn an income from blogging. A decent income for that matter but that depends on the work you are willing to put in.You have to put in the effort to earn the rewards.

How to Make money from Blogging!

These are the ways you can make money from the love you have for writing.

Selling your own products and services

This is a great way to earn. You can use your own blog to sell your own products and services. You can make your own T-shirts and sell,electronics and so on.You can create e-books and earn from that.

Create an E-Course

You can put together your own e-course where you train people on different things you think they would love to learn.You can let you subscribers subscribe to get your e-course at a fee.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most lucrative ways to earn money blogging.You can use use blog traffic to do affiliate marketing.Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other peoples products through your site.When they purchase the product through your affiliate link you get a commission from that sale.

Offering Memberships and Subscriptions

You can let your subscribers subscribe to your Blog through a small fee to get exclusive content or they can pay a yearly subscription or one time subscription to be part of your Blog Community.

Google AdSense

You can sign up for Google AdSense to run ads on your blog and in  return,you earn some money from running those ads.Google will need your blog to fulfill some requirements for them to accept your request to run google ads,which I will speak about later on.

Those are some of the ways you can earn from your love for writing.I hope this has been educative and you have picked a thing or two.

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