How to Get Free Traffic From Quora!

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How to get free traffic from Quora


Quora is a Q&A platform where people ask and answer questions. Quora has a platform called spaces where you can you can create your own space and publish your work. Quora is very efficient on driving traffic to your website free!Let’s see how you can get free traffic from Quora To you Blog!

Before we continue, I have written other articles on how to get free traffic to your website. Read them to get more tips on how you can drive traffic to your Blog free.These are my other tips I use to get traffic to my Blog alongside getting free traffic from Quora.

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How does Quora work?

Quora is the number one platform to get all your answers and questions. It is a very popular platform used by many people. Quora simply works by questions and answers. You ask a question and request for an answer. You can also search for questions related to your niche and answer them. The third options is to create a space to publish your work. I have created a space as well called EverythingPaula where I publish my work as well. If interested, head over there and check it out. Quora is as simple as that. The best thing I love about Quora is that you can drive free traffic to your Blog using Quora.

How can I get Free Traffic from Quora?

These are the highlights of this Article

Question Research

Creating Question lists and Answer templates

Ranking Questions on Google

Formatting Your Answer


Professional Biography

Quora Spaces

Analysis Statistics

How can I drive free traffic to my Blog using Quora?

Now that we are well versed with what Quora is and how it works, let us see some top tips we can use to get free traffic our blogs.

How can I get Free Traffic from Quora?

These are the top tips to use to get free traffic from Quora

Question Research

You will notice with Quora that questions asked have a following. There are interested people following a certain question to get answers. When you are on Quora, you do not want to answer just any question. You want to find questions that are related to your niche and that have a high following. These are the questions you want to answer. A plus tip, answer recent questions as well. There are tons of questions on Quora about just anything you can think of. Blogging, Webhosting, Making money online, Health and wellness, Food and Nutrition and son on. Mix between high follower questions and latest questions.

Create answer Template

When answering these questions you can link back to your Blog and this way you will get free traffic to your Blog! Build a question list. Create a question list of all the questions you answer on Quora since there are similar question asked all the time. This way you will have an easy time answering questions. Create an answer template as well. Put all your answers in a template and copy and paste as you answer questions on Quora. This will make it very easy for you.

Check for ranking Questions on Google.

Answering high-ranking questions on google will help you get free traffic from google, as well. This is the power of Search Engine Optimization. Get questions from Quora, search on Google, and search if that question from Quora ranks top on google search. This will drive free traffic from google to your Quora question. This is a simple trick to double your free traffic!

Format Your Answers

What I mean by formatting your answer is by simply adding an attractive image to your question. This image will catch the attention of your readers. Add videos to your questions as well. You answer should be as attractive as possible. Your images should be readable and interesting. You can create these interesting images with Canva, which is also free. It will not cost anything but a little of your time and creativity. There you go! Get your free traffic.

Do not Spam

This tip is very important for all new Quora users. If you are a new user at Quora, do not start putting links too much. If you are a beginner, you want to build your reputation and trust. Answer questions first without adding any links. Do this for a week or so. After a week, you can now start adding a link or two. As you grow on Quora, you will be able to add as many links as you want. Do not get banned by Quora for spamming.

Do not add an affiliate link directly on Quora. Add a landing page instead. This way Quora will not ban you.

Create a Professional Bio

Optimize your Profile to look professional. A professional profile will get you followers. You want to add credentials to you bio to look more professional. A good following on Quora will get traffic to your Blog. Put a description of what you do on your Bio; add links to your YouTube channel websites and so on. Whenever you post something, your followers can be notified.

Create and Interact with Spaces.

Quora has spaces where you can be a contributor or create your own space as well. Spaces with a high following will get traffic to your Blog. Posting on spaces on Quora will build your reputation and add value to people on Quora. Being a contributor on spaces on Quora is also very important. It gives you more reputation and makes your profile look good on Quora.

Analyze your Statistics

Check your answers statistics and see which is doing well and has more views so that you can know which questions to answer more and which answer templates to use. Analyzing your answers will help your know which answers are working well for you. This will help you know how you will rank high on Quora.

These are the top tips I have learnt about using Quora as a platform to get traffic to my Blog. You can also implement them too and see how it goes for you. Feel free to comment down below and share your Best Quora tips so that we can also learn from you.

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