How to get Free Traffic from Google ( SEO guide for Beginners)

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How to get Free traffic from Google

How to Get Free Traffic from Google (SEO guide for Beginners)

If you have just started your Blog, then you are in the right place. You might have started and you are not probably getting enough traffic to your Blog Website. I am here to help you hack this by showing how to get free Traffic from Google. If you want to learn a few tricks that I use here and there, please read to the end.

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization helps your article to rank high in Google Search. In a layman’s language, SEO sums up all the techniques used to help you drive traffic to your site from search engines such as google. It is common knowledge that google is the number one search engine for all things on the internet, Correct me if am wrong. Now that we have a basic understanding of SEO, let us get into how to maximize on it and get our Blog to rank top on Google.

How to use SEO for your Blog

We probably want to make sure that the articles we are writing are ranking high on Google in order for us to get free traffic to our Blog sites. How exactly do we do this? We want to make sure that:

  • We use Key Word Research for our Blog Topics
  • Incorporate On Page SEO
  • Use of off page SEO

How to Use Key Word Research for our Blog Topics 

What is a Key Word? A key word is a word that will help your topic rank high on Search Engines. For example, if you search for any topic on google, many topics appear. These are key Words. They appear on top of your search engine simply because they are key words. This is what we want to use to make our Blog Post stand out on Google Search and help to get free traffic from google to our Blog Website.

Before you write any article, you want to do your research first. I believe you do just wake up, think of a topic, and start right away to write about it. If you do that, then you need to hear this because it will help you greatly. Key Word Research is finding your key words, searching for key words on Google.

Searching for key words before publishing your article will help you understand how it ranks on Google. This way you will also aim to publish an article that will rank high on Google and appear every time someone is searching for that particular topic. Your Key Words will help google recognize your article and rank it high on its search engine. Are you with me?

Okay let us carry on.

Websites like Ubersuggest and H-Supertools which are free SEO tool by the way, will help you search for the key want you want and see various topics related to it and the ones that rank high on google. Do this and you will be able to publish articles that will rank well on google and help you drive free traffic to your Website. Do not just write blindly but also be well guided with SEO tools.

Another very important tip, Use long tail key words. What do I mean by Long tail keywords? 

For example; Blogging tips, a tutorial for Beginners, this is a long tail key word.

As you search for key words on google as well, you want to make sure you scroll down to the very bottom and see related key topics to the one you are searching. Google will always provide you with similar topics to the one you are searching. After you search for key words on google run them through the tools, I mentioned before as Ubersuggest. This site is free and best of all, it gives you the SEO Difficulty to rank. You will know how easy or difficult your key words are to rank on Google. This is your everyday guide! Finally make sure your keywords have a good monthly research volume. Your SEO tool research guide will show you this as well.

The images below shows you the SEO difficulty and Monthly Volume as well as other suggested key words.This is an example of what I have explained above.

When you run your key word search on Ubersuggest, It will look like the images  attached above.Lets move on to;

On Page Search Engine Optimization

Now that we understand SEO and how to use key words, let u move on to  On Page SEO.

On Page SEO is incorporating your key topic words in in your article. Have you noticed how any times How to Get Free Traffic from Google has appeared on this article? If you have then that is what we mean by On page Search Engine Optimization. Using your key words in your article helps google identify what you article is about and rank it high on search.

Adding images to your article with Alt text (alternative text). Alternatively, Alt text is another On page SEO trick. What I mean is that you put an image in your article and give it a label (with your topic key word). The label you will use for it is called an Alt.text. This important because if someone is searching for an article with your title on Google and goes to Images, they will find your image and it will lead them back to your Blog Website. Do you understand now what I mean? I sure hope so.

Make sure your images are optimized for your article in a way that they are not too large to slow down the speed of your page. Slow speed will lead to high bounce rates for your articles. This is something we want to avoid, to encourage our users to read our articles. Another thing to note, use friendly URL optimized for SEO. If you do all this, you are telling Google what your article is about and it will greatly help Google to rank you high on search.  This is what we want to Get Free Traffic from Google. It is as simple as that!

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO on the other hand is all that you do outside your Website. You can do this by Sharing your Website on Social Media. This gives google social signals. It shows google how many people are interacting with you Website. Another Off Page SEO is back-links.

What are Back-links? Back-links are outside links that lead people to your website. You can get back links by requesting other blog websites that are doing well to link to your website. You can write those emails and request if they can link back to you. This will help you get free traffic from Google. What back-links do is that they tell google that your Website is important since many people are linking to it. Therefore, it has good information that people want to read about!

You can request other website owners for back-links or you can simply buy them or just build them organically. Go with either way that makes you comfortable and suites your needs. Another factor to do with off page SEO is reducing your bounce rates. This means that the less the bounce rate the more reads you are getting from your users. By reducing bounce rate and increasing the session duration (the amount of time a user spends on your website) will help your Blog website rank high on Google.

To sum it up, SEO is optimizing your Website to get free traffic from google. Pick a keyword with key word research, optimize your article for your chosen keyword by using On Page SEO and Off Page SEO as well and help your Blog rank high on Google. Get your free traffic from google to your Blog!

Please tell us what you do to get free traffic from google on our comment section, so that we can also learn more from you.

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