How I use Pintrest to Drive Traffic to my Blog!

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How I use Pintrest to Drive Traffic to My Blog

How To Use Pinterest to Drive traffic to your Blog

Pinterest has become the next search Engine mostly for women. Speaking for women, we love love Pinterest. Pinterest is designed as a search engine. More like google. But Unlike Google here, you can create your own pins and actually promote them yourself. Just how Awesome is that!

You can also save Pins that you love and create a board for them. A board is like a house and pins are the people that lives in the house. So basically, a board houses all your pins.In other words Pinterest is a visual discovery search engine.

How to Get started on Pinterest

To get started you need to open an account first. This can be a personal or business account. Since you  want to use our Pinterest account to drive traffic to our website, create a business account. After you have an account setup. Let’s see how you can use it to drive ttraffic to your Blog.

  1. Create Unique Pins

You want to create a pin that can attract a researcher to click. That means that the colors are bright and the words on your board are visible to read. This is the only way to get people to click on your Pin. If you use dull colors, unfortunately you will not get traffic. I create my pins with Canva. Canva allows you to create good pins and it’s actually free but you can also go Pro if you want to access numerous images for your pins .Ensure your pin Image is the correct size .I prefer vertical images as opposed to horizontal. Vertical Images look better.

  1. Pin Descriptions

Your pin descriptions should be descriptive. They describe what your pin is about. This way someone looking for something, once they read your description they will decide if to carry on or not. Make it worth their while. Make helpful pin help your readers fin d what they are looking for an actually benefit from it. Interesting pin descriptions drive massive traffic to your Blog.

  1. Use Keywords

Key words puts your Pin on top search pages. They help researchers find your pins. Always make sure to use key word on your descriptions. The more people find your pins, the higher Pinterest algorithm ranks your pins. I cannot stress enough on Key Words.

         4.Schedule your Pins

You want to make sure your pins keeps appearing on search pages of Pinterest. Pin often and as much as you can. Pinterest loves active pinners. You can pin manually or use Tailwind to schedule your pins. Most bloggers on Pinterest use Tailwind. I use Tailwind. Tailwind Schedules your pins for you so that if you do not have time to schedule, you do not have to worry about that.

  1. Join a group board.

Find good group boards and request if you can be part of their community. Group Boards allows you to pin on their boards and drive traffic to your pins. It is a great way to get traffic. Do not just join any group boards but relevant group boards. This ways your pins will get good traffic.

I hope this was helpful. Please come back for more ideas .Lets keep learning!

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