Email Marketing:A guide for Bloggers!

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Email Marketing: A guide for New Bloggers

If you have just started your Blog, Email marketing is just the tool for you to market your new blog and source for more readers. Email marketing can be a powerful tool if used well and one understands how to maximize on it. I personally do not think there is a blogger out here who is not using email marketing for their content. If there are, just a few.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is sending emails to your email subscribers, who have subscribed to your newsletter to let them know that you have published new content.

Email marketing helps you inform your readers, drive sales and build a community around your content.

There are two types of email marketing: Promotional Emails and Informational Emails

Promotional Emails

This type of email marketing is used to promote a webinar an e-book, a product, or an e-course. This email is sent when required and has a clear CTA (Call-to-Action.)This email campaign can consist either of 4-10 emails sent weekly or on a daily.

Informational emails

These type of emails are the ones used to send information about the content you have released to your email subscribers in a form of a newsletter.

Importance of Email Marketing

Some of the benefits of email marketing are:
  1. You get to have personalized conversations with your audience. You have a better understanding of your audience’s interests and the type of content to write.
  2. Helps you raise awareness about your Brand through sending personalized emails to your email subscribers. As pointed in point 1.You get one on one conversations with your audience in a way. Sending a personal email keeps your content fresh in a readers mind because they get alerts about your content.
  3. Sending personalized emails helps you earn your readers’ loyalty. Getting an email every time you release content makes a reader feel valued and want to come back for more.
  4. Easily accessible
  5. Affordable

 Email Marketing for Bloggers

  1. Building an Email list

You want to choose an email service that is easy to use and free if you are just starting up. If anything, you are looking into cutting cost as a beginner or you may not have the funds to buy every service you require to get your blog started. I use Mailchimp and good news it’s free. It helps you create a newsletter that can be a pop up or be on your blog’s side bar. It lets your readers leave a name and an email address.

  1. Use an Email platform that is compatible with WordPress.

You want to choose a service that can integrate with your WordPress to make it easy to create your newsletter and create simple emails to send to your readers.

        3. Send your exclusive content to your readers.

Now that your newsletter is up and running and you have built your email list, start sending your latest content to your readers. Let them have a taste of your very best work.

I hope this was  helpful and it works for you and . Until next time, Happy Blogging!


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