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How to create your first Blog  Website  on WordPress

Creating a blog using WordPress could not get any easier than it is. WordPress is one of the platforms that is very easy to navigate with guidelines on how to do it. I created my Blog on WordPress when I was a beginner and did not know how to go about it but WordPress really came through for me.

So, if you are a beginner looking to start your Blog today, worry not, I got you covered (WordPress got you covered too) Just keep reading and you will know how to go about it.The good thing with WordPress is that you can start a Blog for free without having to pay for a Domain. However, this means that your blog will be fully hosted and this has its own limitations as opposed to having a blog that is self-hosted. A free Blog means that you don’t have full control of your Website. While self-hosting gives you full control of your site.

 I spoke about this in my article about Starting your Blog Website for Beginners. I will not dive further into that for now.

Why WordPress in the first Place?

  • WordPress is easy to use

Any beginner or Pro will find it very simple and easy to use WordPress for their Blog. With WordPress, you do not need any coding experiences. No coding needed if you do not want to code. WordPress makes everything easy for you to use. This allows you to focus on building your Blog other than putting in time to learn about web design and all.

  • Free Themes for your Blog.

WordPress has many good themes that you can use for your Blog. Most of them are free allowing you to customize and personalize your creation, as you would like. If you are just starting up your Blog, you do not need to purchase any themes.

  • Flexibility

WordPress has thousands of plugins that you can choose from to customize your Blog. These Plugins are totally free! With other CMS’s installing specialized tools like these can be incredibly complicated. With WordPress, there is a library of plugins with a variety of purposes that can be installed in just a few minutes. Be sure to check reviews before installing any plugin just to be sure it is updated on a regular basis.

  • Search Engine Optimization could not get any easier with WordPress.

If you want to attract more traffic to your Blog Website, then SEO is very crucial to your Blog’s sustainability. It is very normal for a new Blogger to struggle with SEO but as I said WordPress has you all covered. WordPress sites tend to address search engine optimization issues automatically, and they are easily crawlable by search engines. In addition, the plugins for WordPress are generally created with simplicity in mind for any new person intending to use WordPress, besides serving SEO purposes.

  • The Open-Source Benefit 

Open source software is software with source code that allows you to inspect, modify, and enhance. This means that as a user you can change and distribute code freely without having to think about any licensing fee whatsoever. As opposed to closed-software, open-source software gives you this advantage.

  • Low Budget Cost.

As a beginner with a tight budget, you would want to use WordPress for your Blog Website. I started mine with Hostinger, installed WordPress and I was good to go. The only thing I paid for was my Domain and that was it. Do not forget about the free numerous themes that comes along with WordPress!

  • A clean structure

WordPress gives your Website a clean structure that loads faster and allows your visitors to navigate easily without problems. This means that WordPress allows the creation of XML Sitemaps, that notify Google’s bots where your website pages are and which are worth crawling. This saves you a lot on web design SEO services.

  • WordPress allows you to easily manage and edit your content.
  • Unlimited Utilization of Plugins and themes.

How to create your Blog Website with WordPress

  1. Setup your Blog Domain

This means that if you are going the self-hosted way, you’ll want to join using a Web Hosting service. I would recommend Bluehost, Hostgator or Hostinger. Take advantage of their low start up budget and register your domain name today (Domain name is your Blog Website’s internet Address). If you want a free Website, skip to step number two. WordPress is free for anyone to download and use to build any kind of website without any restrictions

Get your offer today on your first Domain Name Registration for as low as $ 3.95 a month.

  1. Install WordPress

If you are going to be fully- hosted then you will start with this step on If you choose a web hosting service, whichever you choose between the three, Bluehost, Hostgator or Hostinger, they will give you an option to Install WordPress after registration of your Domain Name.

  1. Select your preferred theme

As mentioned earlier Bluehost comes with a ton of themes, which are free. Select the theme you want to set up on WordPress. WordPress themes are professionally designed templates that allows you to install on your website to change its appearance.

  1. Get Familiar with WordPress and Customize your Blog

On WordPress, you will get the following navigation menus

Dashboard: Click here if you want to visit your site or customize your site here

 Posts: this where you will create your new posts, view all posted posts, edit posts and all that

Media:  This is where you will find images to upload/manage images and other media files

Pages:  On pages menu is where you will add you About Us, Contact Us, Blog, Your Legal pages and son on. In addition, you can add more sub-pages here to your Blog site.

Comments: On comments section, is where you will moderate all your comments on various posts.

Appearance: You can change your site’s design here or customize how certain things are displayed on the current design.

 Plugins: You will find all your plugins here and install new plugins if need be at this section.

 Users: This is where you will manage all user accounts that can access the admin panel of your website.

 Settings: This is your main settings tab for your Website. You will find

General settings

Writing settings

Discussion settings

Permalinks settings

Media settings

Insert Headers and Footers

Litespeed cache settings

Once you get familiar with WordPress, it will be very easy for you to use, create your posts, and add plugins and everything else. You will be a pro in no time. Go and start your Blog now. Nothing can stop you at this very moment. Happy Blogging!

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