Blogging:Let’s Talk Blogging for Beginners!

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Blogging: Let’s Talk Blogging for Beginners

When I decided to start my blog, the thought of it actually excited me. I was excited to start writing my own articles and actually share them with the world! Just like you I knew nothing about blogging but knew that I had to do my research and understand a few things

One thing though, I did not hesitate. When it occurred to me that I could put my love for writing into something useful, I did not give it second thoughts. I just started. I did not know the best Web hosting services, WordPress and the world of writing and how to hack this. Looking back, I am glad that I have covered several milestones into my blogging my journey. I have really come far and learnt so much. I am still learning though. Every day is a learning day and I get to learn something new.

Blogging is fun, but you have to put in the work, to make it work.

So, Why Blogging? My Blogging Journey, the Lessons :

  • You might be wondering why I chose to blog and not YouTube or I do not know what else. Well, I love to put my ideas into writing. Writing gives me a sense of contentment in a way. In addition, the thought of sharing my content with the world makes me happy.
  • As a beginner, I learnt that you could also make money blogging. I did not know how but I was eager to learn. It is a process but once you get the hang of it, you are on your way to becoming a pro!
  • The most challenging part is building your Blog Website and writing content. If you have days you are just feeling uninspired, those are not your best days to write content. As much as you love writing, you need the inspiration to publish good meaningful content. You want to publish content that is helpful and educative and resonates with your target audience. At the end of the day, you are writing for someone out there, right? You are looking into inspiring someone out there, am I wrong? So write on your best days so that you can write good pieces of articles.
  • As a Beginner there was so much to learn, there is still a lot to learn. I love the fact that I learn something new every day. I learnt about how to monetize your blog. Affiliate marketing and how it works. AdSense and all that. I got excited to learn about how AdSense works, still learning about AdSense and everything google! You have to put in the effort. If you love challenges as I do, then you will love this as a big challenge. This is a challenge but a positive one if I may, for me rather. Blogging pushes me to want to write better, publish great articles at the same time trending articles.
  • If you want to monetize your Blog, self-hosting is the way to go. Do not opt for the fully hosted option. Self-hosting gives, you control over your website and your content.
  • Blogging is a learning curve or is it a journey. You will always learn about something new on a daily.
  • Email marketing and building your email subscriber list is an important aspect in Blogging. It gives you an opportunity to leverage and maximize on your blog through email marketing. This I did not know.
  • Google AdSense will not approve your Website if you do not have ten and above number of articles, if your content is not educative, if your content is not your original work, if your website is not easy to navigate and so on. This is a whole topic to write about .I will discuss about it in coming days.

There is only so much I can talk about my Blogging journey. So far, these are the highlights of my journey and lessons learnt. I hope this was helpful in one way or the other. If you are a beginner and new to the blogging world you will learn something or two. Until next time, Happy Blogging to all my new beginners!

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